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  • TEAM CRAPPIE Hook Kit 72 Hooks! MRCK-8

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    TEAM CRAPPIE Hook Kit 72 Hooks! MRCK-8 Sizes 2, 4 and 6 Bronze, Red and Gold Hooks. #6 Not available in Red. The perfect choices for crappie and panfish.


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    TEAM CRPAPPIE SLAB CALLER 3pk. Slab Caller lures have a triple wrapped chenille center. Use this center as a scent holder. The rear has chicken feathers for a realistic look and feel. Cast, troll or use under a float. Tip with a minnow when spider rigging for an extra enticement. 3 lures per pack. 1/32 has a #6 hook, 1/16 has a#4 hook and 1/8 has a #2 hook.

  • TEAM CRAPPIE SPIN CALLER One Rigged and One Spare Body

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    TEAM CRAPPIE SPIN CALLER is unique. They are versatile in how you can retrieve them. The best way is a s-l-o-w retrieve.

    If that doesn’t work, tip it with a minnow. They can catch anything from Bluegill to Large Mouth Bass.

    It’s especially great for Small Mouth Bass.  Try the Spin Caller now! You’ll be glad you did!