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The Curly-Tail is the most versatile Road Runner® made. Choose from 1/16th oz.
for Bluegill & Brim. 1/8th oz. for Crappie, Spotted Bass or the 1/4 oz size for
deeper presentations. Packed in “Twin Packs”. Fish Curly Tails like other Road Runners: SLOW!

Weight 0.05 lbs

1/16th, 1/8th, 1/4th


White/White 001, Flor. Red/White 009, Flor. Red/Chart 020, White/Red-Pearl 023, Chart/Black-Chart 030, Chart/Watermelon 031, Chart/Chart-Glitter 062, Chart/White 081, Flor. Red/Green-Chart 082, Chart/Lime-Chart 087

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