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  • Bang Shad Buffet Rig

    0 out of 5

    What’s different? Notice how the tail is triangular at the top?  This acts as an axis and ROCKS!

    1/16th on top and 1/8th on the bottom. 1/4 oz total!

    The BANG Shad Buffet has an action that most other swim-baits wished they had!

  • Road Runner Barbed Heads 9 Count

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    Barbed Road Runner Heads feature a Bleeding Bait Hook, Indiana blade and a collar barb to hold soft plastics. Barb can be easily removed for smaller plastics.

  • Road Runner Gold Series

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    Road Runner Gold Series was created to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Road Runner in 2008. Each lure features a 14 KT-Gold plated blade and hand tied feathers. Packed one per bag.

  • Road Runner Reality Shad Buffet Rig RBB15

    0 out of 5

    Road Runner Reality Shad Buffet Rig RIGGED AND READY FOR ACTION!  Featuring the Pro 2.0 head with prism eyes, scale pattern molding and brass willow blade.

    Measuring less than 3.75 inches, it is the ultimate finesse presentation.  Perfect for Bass, Crappie, Spots and Smallies.