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Perch Daddy – Hand Tied Perch Jerkin’ Jigs


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Perch Daddy – Hand Tied Perch Jerkin’ Jigs are made with real chicken feathers. The center is triple wrapped chenille that can double as a scent holder. Available in 1/16 with a #4 hook and 1/8 with a #2 hook. Try these jigs under a cork, cast and retrieve or dropped through the ice. You can even tip them with a minnow, leech or meal worm. You might even catch a crappie or walleye too!


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1/16 oz., 1/8 oz.

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Snow Balls, Parrot Head, Classic, White Perch, Electric Chicken, Fake Bait, Shellcracker, Pank, Pink Pearl, Candy Cane